Our approach

We foster opportunities for people to realize their enormous potential.

We acquire majority stakes in businesses that generate $1 million to $8 million in annual pretax free cash flow.

How we do it:

Partner with the founders of family-owned companies to create a customized transition of ownership.

Seek a win for everyone involved and close transactions reliably.

Collaborate with leadership, focus on employees, and reinvest cash flows into future opportunities.

Invest our own internal capital.

We charge zero fees of any kind. No management fees paid by investors, no monitoring fees paid by the companies, no incentive fees paid on gains (our goal is to own the business forever)

Primarily use equity capital so companies are not overly-burdened with debt.

We value the flexibility and investment opportunities that accompany a strong balance sheet. We will not expose our businesses or the employees who work there to the significant risks and adverse consequences associated with excessive leverage and cost cutting.

We believe:

  • business can be a powerful lever for good.
  • in the enormous potential of people.
  • employees matter and everyone can thrive in a culture that encourages excellence.
  • in leadership that empowers and recognizes people.
  • fulfilling jobs at high-quality companies have a positive impact on individuals, marriages, and families.
  • hard-working employees are the backbones of their communities.
  • in creating a win for everyone involved: legacy shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, and communities.
  • small and medium-sized businesses are a critical component of the US economy.
  • a business does not need to be in technology, artificial intelligence, or cryptocurrency to create value and make a difference.
  • a culture of excellence is a competitive advantage and source of fulfillment.