How we’re different

At Arete Choice, we take a different approach to both human and financial capital.

Human capital

Arete Choice is founded on the belief that business can be a powerful lever for good by investing in its people. Most companies take an incomplete view of people, and a steep price is paid when human capital is optimized for cost and efficiency, rather than excellence and fulfillment. We choose not to stand by and watch as the most valuable assets of our economy are squandered. Instead, we choose to be a leader in creating a culture based on the enormous potential of people. We do this by acquiring majority stakes in family-owned businesses and investing in employees.

Financial capital

We take a different approach to the structure of our company and the acquisitions we do. We buy businesses to own them forever. Our capital is entirely internal, which means we never need to return money to investors.  Arete Choice partners with our businesses and shares equally in the profits or losses each year without charging fees (unlike private equity firms, which share only in the upside). We primarily use equity capital for our acquisitions. We have an indefinite time horizon and would not jeopardize your company by over-burdening it with debt or looking for “quick-fix” solutions.  Our goal is for everyone to win today, tomorrow, and forever.