We believe in

Creating a win for everyone involved.

Arete Choice is a family of legacy companies that acquires majority stakes in family-owned businesses. We believe a people-centric culture allows employees, companies, and communities to win. We have in excess of $100 million in internal equity capital. We make decisions efficiently and close reliably.

Who we are

  • Owners who care about employees and provide opportunities for people to achieve excellence and fulfillment.
  • Our investment time horizon is forever. Our goal is to acquire majority stakes of businesses that we never sell.
  • Headquartered in Austin, TX with a presence in Des Moines, IA and Minneapolis, MN.

Why we’re here

  • Provide liquidity to current shareholders by buying a majority stake and investing in a company’s long term success.
  • Foster an environment of trust, excellence, and growth for all employees.
  • Deepen and expand relationships with customers and suppliers.
  • Make a positive difference for our people and communities.