Family. Fulfillment. Forever.


We are a different choice.

We acquire family-owned businesses to own them forever. We invest our own capital in your company and people. We use little or no debt. We do not charge fees. We want everyone to win.

We collaborate like family.

We are committed to creating a win for everyone involved in the ownership transition and long-term success of family-owned businesses.

Source of fulfillment.

We are founded on the belief that business can be a powerful lever for good and a source of fulfillment in people’s lives. Our purpose is to be a leader in this movement by investing in employees and creating opportunities for them to excel.

Our goal is to

Acquire businesses that we own forever.

You can tell a lot about a buyer by how long they plan to own a business. Our goal is to own it forever. You can see our commitment through the investments we make in employees and future growth opportunities.